The Update newsletter was produced between 2003 and 2007.


Update 16

June 2007 - Focuses on Public Procurement Review and Remedies Systems, providing the expert presentations to the conference for senior officials from the CARDS region, held in Dubrovnik on 24-25 May, and syntheses of two new Sigma Papers, Central Public Procurement Structures and Capacity in EU Member States and Public Procurement Review and Remedies Systems in the EU.

Update 15

March 2007 - Focuses on Robert de Koenig's book on Public Internal Financial Control, with reviews by Messrs. Hepworth (UK), Gielisse ( EC), Tzvetkov (Bulgaria), Cohen (France), Engwirda (ECA) and Sigma.

Update 14

December 2006 - Focuses on the preparations of Bulgaria and Romania for EU accession in January 2007, with contributions Gert Antsu (Estonian State Chancellery), Meglena Kuneva (Minister of European Affairs, Bulgaria), Laura Stefan (Romanian Ministry of Justice), Johanna Moehring, Nicolas Dubois and Nick Treen (Sigma).

Update 13

May 2006 - Focuses on better regulation and the perspective of EU Member States, with contributions from Katja Salsbäck (OSCE), Daniel Trnka (Office of the Czech Government), Karmen Vilms (Estonian Ministry of Justice), and Diane de Pompignan and Edward Donelan (Sigma).

Update 12

March 2006 - Focuses on the latest developments in public procurement: the new EC  Procurement Directives, e-procurement, and Sigma studies on public procurement systems in EU Member States, Bulgaria and Romania.

Update 11

January 2006 - Focuses on two regional workshops held in Budva in November and December 05 on the topics of "Role and Responsibilities in the Policy System" and "Public Administration Reform and EU Integration".

Update 10

October 2005 - Focuses on a set of papers prepared for a seminar, co-organised by Sigma and the Turkish Prime Ministry in Ankara on 1-2 February 05, on the theme of "Public Administration Reform & European Integration".

Update 9

June 2005 - Focuses on Audit and Control, with contributions by Tudor-Alexandru Chiuariu (Romanian Government); Robert de Koning (European Commission); and Inguna Sudraba (Latvian State Audit Office).

Update 8

May 2005 - Focuses on Performance-Related Pay, with contributions by Dorothee Landel (OECD/GOV); Kaido Paabusk (Bank of Estonia, Estonia); and Ákos Kovács (Ministry of Interior, Hungary).

Update 7

February 2005 - Focuses on Judicial Reform, with contributions by Francisco Cardona (Sigma); Ilir Panda (High Council of Justice, Albania); Teodora Parveva (Central European University, Budapest); and Jean-Marie Woehrling (Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine, France).

Update 6

December 2004 - Focuses on the Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European Network of Senior Budget Officials, with contributions by Ivana Jakir (Ministry of Finance, Croatia), and Dirk Jan Kraan and Michael Ruffner (OECD/Gov).

Update 5

September 2004 - Focuses on Policy-Making and Co-ordination at the Centre of Government with contributions by Elizabeta Buova (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia); Anke Freibert (Sigma); and Anne-Marie Leroy (France).

Update 4

June 2004 - Focuses on The New European Union with contributions by Tamara Obradovic (Croatia) and Jaroslaw Pietras (Poland).

Update 3

April 2004 - Focuses on Anti-Corruption and Integrity Frameworks with contributions by Nicolas Dubois (Sigma); Rezarta Abdiu (Albania); Howard Whitton (Sigma); and Zsofia Czoma (Hungary).

Update 2

January 2004 - Focuses on Accountability Structures with contributions by Kestutis Rekerta (Lithuania); Francisco Cardona (Sigma); Dragan Kulina (Bosnia & Herzegovina); and Nick Treen (Sigma).

Update 1

November 2003 - Introductory Issue.

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