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Reforming public administrations

Support for Improvement in Governance and Management has been working with partner countries on strengthening their public governance systems and public administration capacities for over 20 years

Why work together?

Picture of ReSPA meeting room for webpage on the PUP conference material which took place in Danilovgrad 20-21 June 2013

Lasting relationships and shared experience

SIGMA provides methodologies and tools to countries in transition to help them create a stable democracy and access the benefits of a free market economy. It offers examples of good practice from the EU as well as the OECD Member States.

News & Events

SAI regional conference Algiers Dec 2014

Regional conference for Supreme Audit Institutions of European Neighbourhood South countries

The first regional conference for Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of European Neighbourhood South countries took place in Algiers in December 2014. It brought together the SAIs of seven countries of the region, providing an opportunity to share recent experience between the SAIs and EU member states concerning their efforts to “make a difference to the lives of citizens”.

Brussels conference 12 November 2014

Reinforcing Public Administration Reform in the Enlargement Process

At a high-level conference held in Brussels on 12 November, ministers from Western Balkan countries and Turkey endorsed the European Commission’s reinforced approach to public administration reform and discussed implementing the Principles of Public Administration and providing support for OECD/SIGMA in monitoring the reform progress of the countries.

Principles of public administration

Principles of public administration

As a supplement to the European Commission Enlargement package, which defined public administration reform as a pillar of the enlargement process, SIGMA is publishing the Principles of Public Administration that provide a detailed definition of good public administration that the Western Balkan countries and Turkey should be aiming for as European Union accession countries.

Wordle for the news item relative to the assessment reports and priorities 2014 launched 13 October 2014

SIGMA's 2014 Assessments

Following the publication of the EC 2014 Progress Reports, SIGMA’s Assessments, on the situation in each country as of spring 2014 and agreed with the EC, are now available. Each report includes an overall introduction to the prioritisation of areas assessed and a description of the state of play and latest developments, supported by evidence-based analyses.

EU headquarters in Brussels

EC places public administration reform among fundamental reforms required in the accession process

The EC has published, on 8th October, the Enlargement package 2014, which outlines a new approach to public administration reform as a key pillar of fundamental reform in the accession process. This pillar is built on joint work of the EC and OECD/SIGMA in relation to the development of Principles of public administration, to be published by SIGMA in the coming weeks.