2 rue André Pascal
75775 Paris Cedex 16


+33 (0) 1 45 24 13 00/45 24 13 05


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Want to know how to get to our offices? Find a hotel nearby? Obtain a visitor's badge, or learn about facilities available at the OECD? Please visit the OECD Conference Centre webpage which provides all this information and more.

Scam alert: Fake e-mails are circulating claiming that the recipient has been selected to receive a financial award from the OECD, or s/he has been short-listed for a job vacancy at the OECD. These e-mails were not sent by the OECD. They are no doubt part of a criminal scheme to defraud the recipient out of money and/or to steal personal information. If you have received such an e-mail, you should not respond to it. You can forward it to so that we can monitor the situation.

Walking instructions to OECD from "La Muette" line 9 underground stop.