Conference on Public Procurement Review and Remedies Systems -- Dubrovnik, 24-25 May 2007


In response to the demand of beneficiary countries and in co-ordination with the State Commission for the Control of Public Procurement Procedures in Croatia, Sigma organised an international conference on the topic of "Public Procurement Review and Remedies Systems" in Dubrovnik on 24-25 May 2007. This conference was intended for senior officials from the CARDS region on the topic of public procurement review and remedies systems.

The following are expert contributions presented at the conference.

Conference Programmein Albanianin Bosnian

  • Peter Braun
  • Bertrand Carsin
  • Marija Cvrlje
  • Tina Eržen
  • Gabrielle Herlemann
  • Josip Kregar
  • Goran Matesic
  • Peter Trepte
  • Srdan Simac
  • Martin Trybus
  • Tomaz Vesel


For further information, please contact Piotr Nils Gorecki of Sigma.