SIGMA and Tunisia


SIGMA has been working with countries covered by the EU's European Neighbourhood Policy since June 2008. SIGMA currently supports Tunisia, a beneficiary country since June 2009, in the following area:

  • Legal Framework and Civil Service Management: Présidence du Gouvernment, Tribunal Administratif


For further information on SIGMA activities in Tunisia please contact Julio Nabais, Country Co-ordinator, or Armelle Dutruc, Project Co-ordinator.

Publications and Documents

  • European Neighbourhood Policy Reference Documents

EC's Strategy and Progress Reports

  • Translations of SIGMA Publications into Arabic

SIGMA and the OECD as copyright holders cannot take responsibility for the quality of translations of SIGMA publications. For questions on using SIGMA copyrighted material or to request permission to translate a SIGMA publication, please contact the OECD Publications' Rights Unit.


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