Serbia and SIGMA


Serbia flag


Status: EU candidate
Capital City: Belgrade
Population: 7.2 million
Currency: Serbian dinar (RSD)




In December 2013 the European Council approved the opening of negotiations on Serbia's accession to the EU. The EU acquis communautaire screening process was completed in March 2015.

SIGMA is currently working with:

  • The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self Government and the National Academy for Public Administration on further professionalisation of the senior civil service.

  • The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self Government on better co-ordination, monitoring and reporting of the new PAR Action Plan; improving civil service legislation and human resource management; developing the registry for public authority holders as well as redesigning a selected example of a public service; and the amendment of legislation to strengthen the roles of the Ombudsman and the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance.

  • The Public Policy Secretariat and General Secretariat of the Government on implementing the Law on the Planning System.

  • The Ministry of Finance on  updating, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of PFM Action Plan as well as implementing improvements regarding public internal financial control.

  • The State Audit Institution, on implementing their strategic development plan and conducting a review of how they have implemented the standards for supreme audit institutions.

  • The Public Procurement Office on revising the legislative framework on public procurement and strengthening the co-ordination capacity of the central public procurement institutions as well as the Republic Commission for the Protection of Rights in Public Procurement Procedures on strengthening its capacities for the resolution of complaints and sanctions.



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Country Manager and Regional Manager for EU Enlargement
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