Armenia and SIGMA


Armenian flag


Status: EU Neighbourhood country
Capital City: Yerevan
Population: 3.1 million
Currency: Armenian dram (AMD)


In November 2017, a new Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between the European Union and Armenia was signed. The Agreement provides a framework for strengthening and deepening co-operation between the EU and Armenia. Public administration reform, including developing an accountable, efficient, transparent and professional civil service, is identified as one of the key areas of domestic reforms.

In May 2019, SIGMA published a Baseline Measurement Report, a comprehensive review and assessment of the horizontal areas of public administration in Armenia, based on the Principles of Public Administration for ENP countries.

SIGMA, the EC and the Armenian authorities agreed a work programme in June 2019 to assist the Government with implementation of the recommendations of the Baseline Measurement Report in each of the areas concerned. It gives priority, in the period to December 2020, to co-operating with:

  • The Prime Minister’s Office in order to enhance the capacity of the staff of the Government to work on the strategic framework of PAR and improve procedures and practices for policy development and co-ordination.

  • The Prime Minister’s Office and Civil Service Office to provide assistance in implementing the new Law on Civil Service and setting strategic framework in the civil service area; reviewing the structure of the administration; and the strategic documents related to the service delivery area.

  • The Audit Chamber in the development and implementation of a revised strategic plan, and the development of internal policies and regulations as required under the Law on the Audit Chamber.

  • The Ministry of Finance to provide assistance in preparing amendments to the public procurement legal framework to ensure compliance with the CEPA requirements (WTO/GPA and EU standards regarding the procurement review system).



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