• 29-June-2004

    Serbian, PDF, 529kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 35: Co-ordination at the Centre of Government (2004, Serbian)

    This paper describes and analyses the functions and organisation of government offices in a comparative context, covering OECD member countries, central and eastern European countries (CEECs), and countries of the Western Balkans (ex-Yugoslavia and Albania). The analysis is based on information gathered by SIGMA and GOV since the mid 1990’s, supplemented by results of a written questionnaire administered by SIGMA and GOV in 2003.

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  • 1-January-2003

    Serbian, PDF, 199kb

    Liabilities and Discipline of Civil Servants, (Francisco Cardona, SIGMA, 2003, BSC)

    This paper clarifies essential issues to be taken into account when regulating liabilities of and disciplinary provisions for civil servants and public employees in a public administration governed by the rule of law.

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  • 30-September-2002

    Serbian, PDF, 136kb

    Building a Civil Service System (Francisco Cardona, 2002, BSC)

    This short report focuses on the main policy options and instruments to build up a civil service system. It reflects on the essential problems in need of being tackled by those Central and Eastern European countries working with SIGMA.

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  • 29-November-2001

    Serbian, PDF, 2,686kb

    Managing Public Expenditure: A Reference Book for Transition Countries (SIGMA/OECD, 2001, Bosnian)

    This reference book covers all aspects of public expenditure management from the preparation of the budget to the execution, control and audit stages.

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  • 28-June-2001

    Serbian, PDF, 562kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 31: Improving Policy Instruments through Impact Assessment (2001, BSC)

    This publication deals with impact assessment in a wide sense, including policy analysis (impact assessment for choosing the instrument), assessment of a policy instrument during the drafting stage and evaluation of existing laws or programmes. Special emphasis is given to impact assessment during drafting.

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  • 30-June-2000

    Serbian, PDF, 845kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 30: Public Procurement Review Procedures (2000, Bosnian)

    Public procurement review procedures are intended to guarantee effective remedies for complaints in public procurement. This paper guides Central and Eastern European countries that are seeking to join the European Union on how to identify the public procurement review procedures best suited to each country’s specificities.

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  • 19-November-1999

    Serbian, PDF, 452kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 27: European Principles for Public Administration (1999, BSC)

    This paper attempts to identify the standards to which EU candidate countries are expected to conform in order to align their public administrations with those of EU Member States. Originating from SIGMA’s work on public administration reform in central and eastern European countries, it describes an important part of the basis of the SIGMA methodology for assessing candidate countries’ public administration capacities.

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  • 29-January-1999

    Serbian, PDF, 420kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 26: Sustainable Institutions for European Union Membership (1998, BSC)

    This paper lays out basic principles, tools and issues for building institutions. The target audience includes all those involved in Institution Building within candidate countries, EU Member States, the European Commission and the aid community. The paper highlights the issues associated with building effective institutions while providing concrete examples of how Member States and candidate countries have responded to such challenges.

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  • 30-June-1998

    Serbian, PDF, 119kb

    Structural Elements for Recruitment in European Civil Service Systems (Francisco Cardona, SIGMA, 1998, BSC)

    The recruitment procedures set up in the EU Member countries’ civil service systems attempt to combine two principles that, in some cases, are required by the constitution of the country.

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  • 26-May-1998

    Serbian, PDF, 1,700kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 23: Preparing Public Administrations for the European Administrative Space (1998, Serbian)

    This report contains the background papers presented at a multi-country meeting on European integration and administrative reform organised in 1997 for senior government officials from twelve central and eastern European countries. It also includes an inventory of how candidate countries plan to manage European integration — as well as ten points which emerged during the panel discussions of senior negotiators.

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