• 5-July-1997

    Serbian, PDF, 204kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 16: Public Service Training Systems in OECD Countries (1997, BSC)

    This short paper is meant to point out the determining components of training systems, and advantages and disadvantages of possible solutions as they were developed in OECD countries, in order to assist countries in central and eastern Europe to set up a sound training system, while avoiding mistakes already experienced in OECD countries.

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  • 5-July-1997

    Serbian, PDF, 935kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 21: Promoting Performance and Professionalism in the Public Service (1997, Bosnian)

    This report is on human resources management practices in the public administrations of four central and eastern European countries: Albania, Estonia, Hungary and Poland. It is based on information from 1996, and its focus is on public personnel management systems, management procedures and management practices and how they either support or hinder professionalism and appropriate conduct.

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  • 1-July-1997

    Serbian, PDF, 162kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 14: Civil Service Legislation (1997, BSC)

    This checklist is intended to supplement the Civil Service Legislation Contents Checklist (SIGMA Paper No. 5), dealing with the secondary instruments that may be needed to implement the Civil Service Act enacted by the Parliament.

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  • 6-February-1996

    Serbian, PDF, 167kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 5: Civil Service Legislation Contents Checklist (1996, BSC)

    This publication has been used as the basic framework for many SIGMA reviews of draft civil service legislation in Central and Eastern European countries. Yet the Checklist stands by itself as a practical document defining a professional, impartial and permanent civil service in legal terms.

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