Public procurement


Public procurementPublic procurement is an integral part of public administration, as it is one of the key means by which public money is spent in order to provide public services.‌

The public sector represents an important market for businesses and may have a significant impact on the economy of a country as well as on its international trade, whose effects are visible to citizens and determine their level of trust in government.

Good public procurement requires:

  • A regulatory framework that reflects key principles of economy, efficiency, transparency and accountability and contains policies and procedures to guide the work of contracting authorities

  • Institutional structures, operational capacities and market conditions needed for the effective implementation of the regulatory framework

  • Sound and efficient public procurement operations which delivers value for money.

SIGMA provides support for the development of such public procurement systems by:

  • Reviewing regulations and suggesting ways to improve them, in particular with regard to EU Directives

  • Advising on ways to develop the central public procurement institutions, build the skills of officials and facilitate their work

  • Encouraging the proper use of modern approaches like framework agreements, centralised purchasing and e-procurement, and the monitoring and evaluation of procurement performance.

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