Publications in Armenian



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Attractiveness of the Public Service: A Matter of Good Public Governance (Francisco Cardona, June 2009)


Baseline Measurement Report Armenia (2019)

Below Threshold Contracts (Policy Brief No. 15, SIGMA 2011)


Central Purchasing Bodies (Policy Brief No. 20, SIGMA 2011)

Concessions and PPPs (Policy Brief No. 18, SIGMA 2011)

Contract Management (Policy Brief No. 22, SIGMA 2011)


Defence Procurement (Policy Brief No. 23, SIGMA 2011)


Economic Issues in Public Procurement (Policy Brief No. 2, SIGMA 2011)

E-Procurement (Policy Brief No. 17, SIGMA 2011)

Establishing Procurement Review Bodies (Policy Brief No. 25, SIGMA 2013)

EU Directives: Concessions (Policy Brief No. 31, SIGMA July 2014)

EU Directives: Public Sector and Utilities Procurement (Policy Brief No. 30, SIGMA July 2014)


Framework Agreements (Policy Brief No. 19, SIGMA 2011)


Incorporating Environmental Considerations into Procurement (Policy Brief No. 13, SIGMA 2011)

Incorporating Social Considerations into Procurement (Policy Brief No. 14, SIGMA 2011)


Management Challenges at the Centre of Government: Coalition Situationsand Government Transitions (SIGMA Paper No. 22, 1998)

The Management of the Civil Service: European Models (Francisco Cardona, April 2009)

Modernising the Civil Service (Francisco Cardona, June 2009)

Monitoring of Public Procurement (Policy Brief No. 27, SIGMA July 2013)


Organising Central Public Procurement Functions (Policy Brief No. 26, SIGMA July 2013)


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Principles of Public Administration: A Framework for ENP Countries (SIGMA 2016): Overview

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Procurement Tools (Policy Brief No. 11, SIGMA 2011)

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Remedies (Policy Brief No. 12, SIGMA 2011)


Selecting Economic Operators (Policy Brief No. 7, SIGMA 2011)

Setting the Award Criteria (Policy Brief No. 8, SIGMA 2011)

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Utilities (Policy Brief No. 16, SIGMA 2011)


Which Contracts are Covered by the Procurement Directives? (Policy Brief No. 4, SIGMA 2011)

What are the Public Procurement Procedures and When Can They Be Used? (Policy Brief No. 10, SIGMA 2011)

What is a Contracting Authority? (Policy Brief No. 3, SIGMA 2011)