Public service and human resource management


The capacity of a government to deliver policies and quality services for its citizens depends on the professionalism and integrity of its civil servants, who should be managed according to international standards and EU practices, which recommend:

  • An effective and efficient institutional set-up, with well-defined roles and responsibilities.

  • Human resources policies and strategies which are fairly and consistently applied.

  • Merit-based recruitment and promotion, transparent and fair remuneration, and professional development system of civil servants.

  • Political neutrality.

The state administration should be developed according to clear policies and regulations, to ensure a rational, effective and efficient institutional structure.

Administrative legislation which protects public interest and citizens’ rights, together with independent oversight institutions, are also needed to ensure effective compliance of administrative authorities with the rule of law. All these elements are essential for enhancing the trust of citizens in public institutions.

SIGMA assists EU candidate countries, potential candidates and neighbourhood countries in building their civil services, reforming their state administrations and strengthening their administrative legal frameworks. By sharing professional expertise from EU member states, this process helps them to implement reforms and improve their performance.



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