SIGMA and GOV Publications in Bulgarian


Anatomy of the Expenditure Budget (SIGMA Policy Brief No. 1, 1997)

Assessing the Impacts of Proposed Laws and Regulations (SIGMA Paper No. 13, 1997)

Budgeting and Monitoring of Personnel Costs (SIGMA Paper No. 11, 1997)

Central Bank Audit Practices (SIGMA Paper No. 24, 1998)

Civil Service Legislation Contents Checklist (SIGMA Paper No. 5, 1996)

Conflict-of-Interest Policies and Practices in Nine EU Member States: A Comparative Review (SIGMA Paper No. 36, 2005)

Effective Communications Between the Public Service and the Media (SIGMA Paper No. 9, 1996)

Effects of European Union Accession: Part I Budgeting and Financial Control (SIGMA Paper No. 19, 1998)

Effects of European Union Accession: Part II External Audit (SIGMA Paper No. 20, 1998)

Ethics in the Public Service - Current Issues and Practice (PUMA Occasional Paper No. 14, 1996)

External Audit and Financial Control Glossary (SIGMA, 1999)

Financial Management and Control of Public Agencies (SIGMA Paper No. 32, 2001)

Improving Policy Instruments through Impact Assessment (SIGMA Paper No. 31, 2001)

Management Control in Modern Government Administration: Some Comparative Practices (SIGMA Paper No. 4, 1996)

Modern Budgeting (PUMA/OECD, 1997)

Preparing Public Administrations for the European Administrative Space (SIGMA Paper No. 23, 1998)

Promoting Performance and Professionalism in the Public Service (SIGMA Paper No. 21, 1997)

Public Opinion Surveys as Input to Administrative Reform (SIGMA Paper No. 25, 1998)

Public Service Training Systems in OECD Countries (SIGMA Paper No. 16, 1997)

Putting Markets to Work: The Design and Use of Marketable Permits and Obligations (PUMA Occasional Paper No. 19, 1997)

Top Management Service in Central Government: Introducing a System for the Higher Civil Service in Central and Eastern European Countries (SIGMA Paper No. 1, 1995)


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