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Assessments Reports

SIGMA's Assessments are prepared at the request of the European Commission and as a contribution to its annual Progress Reports on EU candidate and potential candidate countries and programming of technical assistance. They also provide countries with inputs into their own reform activities.

SIGMA Papers

SIGMA Papers are prepared as contributions to SIGMA's work with its partners and focus on specific issues in governance and management, such as financial control, administrative oversight, inter-ministerial co-ordination and public procurement.

Translations of these Papers in other languages can be found here.


SIGMA News is published on a quarterly basis and is sent to people and organisations with an interest in or affected by our work.

Meeting Documents

Click here to view a selection of presentations and papers produced by experts for workshops and conferences in SIGMA's key areas.

Public Procurement in the EU

The Public Procurement Briefs, published in 2011, partially based on the Public Procurement Training Manual prepared by SIGMA in 2009-2010 for IPA beneficiaries, are now used as the basis for widespread training of public procurement practitioners in the region.

Public Governance Reviews

Between 1998 and 2004, SIGMA published Public Management Profiles, Civil Services and State Administrations Profiles and Centre of Government Profiles.

DVD Compilation



This 2010 edition contains a wide range of SIGMA and GOV publications in English and/or French, as well as other languages. Should you wish to receive a copy of this DVD, please send your full details to Françoise Drouillon.

Reproducing or Translating OECD/SIGMA Material

Permission to reproduce or translate OECD/SIGMA material can be granted upon request made to rights@oecd.org. Please consult www.oecd.org/rights for further information on this and more.

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