Strategic framework of public administration reform publications



Baseline Measurement reports (SIGMA, 2015)


Efficiency and Legality in the Performance of the Public Administration (Jõao Figueiredo, March 2009)

Enlargement of the European Union: An Analysis of the Negotiations for Countries of the Western Balkans (SIGMA Paper No. 37, 2007)

European Principles for Public Administration (SIGMA Paper No. 27, 1999)


Functioning of the Centres of Government in the Western Balkans (SIGMA Paper No. 53, February 2017)


Government at a Glance: Western Balkans (OECD, 2020)


The Preparation of Countries in South East Europe for Integration into the European Union (A Mayhew, 2005)

Preparing Public Administrations for the European Administrative Space (SIGMA Paper No. 23, 1998)

Principles of Public Administration for EU Enlargement Countries (SIGMA): 2017 I 2014
Overview: 2017 I 2014
Related: Methodological Framework for the Principles of Public Administration (2017)

Principles of Public Administration: A Framework for ENP Countries (SIGMA, 2016)

Public administration: Responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: Mapping the EU member States' public administration responses to the pandemic  (for EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood countries, SIGMA, 1-7 April 2020) I In French

Public Opinion Surveys as Input to Administrative Reform (SIGMA Paper No. 25, 1998)


Regulatory Impact Assessment and EU Law Transposition in the Western Balkans (SIGMA Paper No. 61, 2021)

Rethinking Europe's 'Rule of Law' and Enlargement Agenda: The Fundamental Dilemma (SIGMA Paper No. 49, 2012)


Sustainable Institutions for European Union Membership (SIGMA Paper No. 26, 1998)



Toolkit for the preparation, implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of public administration reform and sector strategies (SIGMA Paper No. 57, 2018), also available in French and Arabic