Policy development and co-ordination publications



Assessing the Impacts of Proposed Laws and Regulations (SIGMA Paper No. 13, 1997)


Baseline Measurement reports (SIGMA, 2015)

Budgeting and Policy Making (SIGMA Paper No. 8, 1996)


Checklist on Law Drafting and Regulatory Management in Central and Eastern Europe (SIGMA Paper No. 15, 1997)

Constitutions of Central and Eastern European Countries and the Baltic States (SIGMA Paper No. 2, 1995)

Co-ordination at the Centre of Government: The Functions and Organisation of the Government Office (SIGMA Paper No. 35, 2004)


Effective Communications Between the Public Service and the Media (SIGMA Paper No. 9, 1996)


Functioning of the Centres of Government in the Western Balkans (SIGMA Paper No. 53, 2017)


Improving Policy Instruments through Impact Assessment (SIGMA Paper No. 31, 2001)

Improving the Quality of Laws and Regulations: Economic, Legal and Managerial Techniques (SIGMA, 1994)

Internationalisation of Policy Making (SIGMA Paper No. 6, 1996)


Law Drafting and Regulatory Management in Central and Eastern Europe (SIGMA Paper No. 18, 1997)


Management Challenges at the Centre of Government: Coalition Situations and Government Transitions (SIGMA Paper No. 22, 1998)

Management Control in Modern Government Administration: Some Comparative Practices (SIGMA Paper No. 4, 1996)


Policy Making Review Kosovo (SIGMA Paper No. 52, 2014)

Policy Making Review Montenegro (SIGMA Paper No. 51, 2014)

Principles of Public Administration for EU Enlargement Countries (SIGMA): 2017 I 2014
Overview: 2017 I 2014

Principles of Public Administration: A Framework for ENP Countries (SIGMA, 2016)


Regulatory Management Capacities of Member States of the EU that Joined the Union on 1 May 2004 (SIGMA Paper No. 42, 2007)

The Role of Ministries in the Policy System: Policy Development, Monitoring and Evaluation (SIGMA Paper No. 39, 2007)


Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) Kosovo - European Integration and Development (SIGMA, 2014)