Second Regional Conference on Public Internal Financial Control for Candidate Countries and Potential Candidates -- Portoroz 21-23 September 2011


In October 2010 the first Regional Conference on Public Internal Financial Control was held in Croatia and many aspects of the three pillars of PIFC – financial management and control, internal audit and CHU – were discussed.

This Second Regional PIFC Conference for Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries was held in Portoroz, Slovenia on 21-23 September 2011, and was supported by Mr. R Gielisse and his team from the European Commission’s DG Budget.

Its main objective was to provide the participants with good practices for the introduction and development of PIFC, in order to give a further boost to the development of PIFC in the Western Balkan countries and Turkey.

Participants were encouraged to share experiences and ask questions or challenge conclusions during the discussions. The participants were also given the opportunity to meet informally to compare national experiences and discuss specific issues among peers.

As the conference provided a rich forum for discussion, SIGMA decided to make all presentations – participants as well as experts and DG Budget – available to a wider audience, with the consent of the participating countries.


Country Presentations

  • Albania
  • Croatia
  • Former Yugosla Republic of Macedonia
  • Kosovo under UNSCR 1244/99
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia
  • Turkey


Individual Presentations

  • Fatima Drinčić
  • Robert Gielisse
  • Vilhelm Reutersward
  • Ranko Šakota
  • Radmila Trkulja
  • José Viegas Ribeiro
  • Joop Vrolijk

For further information please contact Joop Vrolijk of Sigma.