Public Procurement Policy Briefs


These Policy Briefs are based on the Public Procurement Training Manual developed by SIGMA in 2009-2010 for IPA beneficiaries, now used as the basis for widespread training of public procurement practitioners in the region.

No 1


Public Procurement in the EU: Legislative Framework, Basic Principles and Institutions (January 2011)

No 2


Economic Issues in Public Procurement (January 2011)

No 3


What is a Contracting Authority? (January 2011)

No 4


Which Contracts are Covered by the Procurement Directives? (January 2011)

No 5


Understanding the EU Financial Thresholds (January 2011)

No 6


Advertising (January 2011)

No 7


Selecting Economic Operators (January 2011)

No 8


Setting the Award Criteria (January 2011)

No 9


Tender Evaluation and Contract Award (January 2011)

No 10


What are the Public Procurement Procedures and When Can They Be Used? (January 2011)

No 11


Procurement Tools (January 2011)

No 12


Remedies (January 2011)

No 13


Incorporating Environmental Considerations into Procurement (January 2011)

No 14


Incorporating Social Considerations into Procurement (January 2011)

No 15


Threshold Contracts (September 2011)

No 16


Procurement by Utilities (August 2011)

No 17


E-Procurement (August 2011)

No 18


Concessions and PPPs (August 2011)

No 19


Framework Agreements (August 2011)

No 20


Central Purchasing Bodies (August 2011)

No 21


Performance Measurement (August 2011)

No 22


Contract Management (September 2011)

No 23


Defence Procurement (September 2011)

No 24   Use of Official Automatic Exclusion Lists in Public Procurement (forthcoming)
No 25   Establishing Review Bodies in Public Procurement (forthcoming)
No 26   Organising Central Public Procurement Functions: Why and how? (forthcoming)
No 27   Monitoring of Public Procurement: Why and how? (forthcoming)
No 28   Audit of Procurement (forthcoming)
No 29   Common Errors in Public  Procurement: How to detect and correct? (forthcoming)



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