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Saving the State Again: Turks Face the Challenge of European Governance (Kivanç Ulusoy, Seminar on Public Administration Reform & EU Integration, Ankara, 1-2 February 2005)

Selecting Economic Operators (SIGMA Policy Brief No 7, 2011)

Setting the Award Criteria (SIGMA Policy Brief No. 8, 2011)

Sigma Papers in the Series (complete list)

State Budget Support to Local Governments (Gérard Marcou, 1994)

Structural Elements for Recruitment in European Civil Service Systems (Francisco Cardona, 1998)

Sustainability of Civil Service Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe Five Years After Accession (SIGMA Paper No. 44, 2009)

Sustainable Institutions for European Union Membership (SIGMA Paper No. 26, 1999)

Tender Evaluation and Contract Award (SIGMA Policy Brief No. 9, 2011)

Top Management Service in Central Government: Introducing a System for the Higher Civil Service in Central and Eastern European Countries (SIGMA Paper No. 1, 1995)

Training Civil Servants for Internationalisation (SIGMA Paper No. 3, 1996)

Understanding the EU Financial Thresholds (SIGMA Policy Brief No. 5, 2011)


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