Principles of Public Administration for EU Enlargement countries



OECD/SIGMA developed the Principles of Public Administration to support the European Commission's reinforced approach to public administration reform in the EU Enlargement process. The Principles define what good governance entails in practice, and outline the main requirements to be followed by countries during the EU integration process. The Principles also feature a monitoring framework to enable regular analysis of the progress made in applying the Principles and setting country benchmarks.

EU acquis requirements, guidelines and instructions are the core of the Principles in relevant areas. In other areas, the Principles are derived from international standards and requirements, as well as good practices in EU member states and OECD countries. As a minimum benchmark of good administration, countries should ensure compliance with these fundamental Principles.

Baseline measurement reports analysing the performance of countries against the Principles were conducted in Enlargement countries in 2015 and in Moldova in 2016.

Detailed presentation of the Principles.


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English I French I Albanian I Bosnian I Macedonian I Montenegrin I Romanian Serbian I Turkish


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