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SIGMA has been working with countries covered by the EU's European Neighbourhood Policy since June 2008. SIGMA currently supports Morocco, a beneficiary country since June 2009,  in the following areas:

Civil Service and Human Resources Management

In 2009-2010, SIGMA carried out a peer review of the civil service development and human resources management practices in the state administration. The review’s 5 key recommendations were endorsed by the Ministère de la Fonction Publique et de la Modernisation de l'Administration in May 2012 and SIGMA is now working with the Ministry on implementing some of them. SIGMA is currently providing support on the preparation of (i) a new civil service statute aligned with the new constitutional values and principles and (ii) a charter for public services containing legal guarantees for citizens in their interactions with public administration bodies, in order to improve the quality of public services, to bring citizens to the centre of administrative action.

Key partner: Ministère de la Fonction Publique et de la Modernisation de l'Administration

Anti-Corruption Policy

SIGMA started to work with the Instance Centrale de Prévention de la Corruption in 2009. Currently, SIGMA is providing support to the Instance on drafting: (i) its new legal statute to allow it to fulfill its new obligations granted by the Constitution of July 2011; (ii) a policy paper on conflict of interest for public officials and a mechanism for asset declarations; and (iii) a policy paper on administrative transparency and free access to public information.

Key partner: Instance Centrale de Prévention de la Corruption

De-concentration Policy

SIGMA and Morocco’s Ministry of the Interior are currently working on designing a ministerial organisational policy geared towards the de-concentration of decision-making in public services, with the aim of paving the way for the future decentralisation known as “régionalisation avancée” (“heightened regionalisation”). As a first step, SIGMA is preparing a comparative benchmark study on organisational deconcentration policies of state services and their administrative practices in a selected number of EU member states.

Key partners: Ministry of the Interior, Ministère de la Fonction Publique et de la Modernisation de l'Administration

Reforms in the Parliament

Morocco’s new Constitution of 2011 reinforced the Parliament’s role and introduced a different distribution of roles between the two Chambers (Chamber of Representatives and Chamber of Counsellors), calling for the adoption of important framework laws that will have a strong impact on the organisation and functioning of the Kingdom. Following the organisation of a conference on ‘The Administrative Capacity of the Parliament to Legislate’ in June 2012, which helped to identify areas of the Parliament’s functioning in need of improvement, SIGMA is preparing support in several areas.

Key partners: Chambre des Représentants, Chambre des Conseillers


For further information on SIGMA activities in Morocco, please contact Julio Nabais, Country Co-ordinator, or Malika Idtaleb, Project Co-ordinator.

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