SIGMA and Jordan


SIGMA has been working with countries covered by the EU's European Neighbourhood Policy since June 2008. SIGMA currently supports Jordan, a beneficiary country since October 2009, in the following areas:

Financial Control and Audit

SIGMA has been working with Jordan’s Audit Bureau and Ministry of Finance on a comprehensive reform of the system for the financial control of public funds since 2010. At the heart of this reform is the transfer of the pre-payment control function from the Audit Bureau to the budget users, monitored and supported by the Ministry of Finance.

Audit Bureau

SIGMA started working with the Audit Bureau in 2010 and is currently supporting it to:

  • implement its Strategic Development Plan 2011-2014 which foresees the Bureau’s progressive transformation into an independent external state audit institution with an essential role of ex-post oversight of the public finance system;
  • set up mechanisms to monitor the implementation of the Strategic Development Plan;
  • strengthen its co-operation with the Ministry of Finance as part of the Bureau’s gradual withdrawal from the pre-payment audit function following the establishment of efficient and effective financial control units in public institutions and in line with the 2011 memorandum of understanding between the two institutions;ensure the compliance with international standards of the amendments to the Audit Bureau Law which aim to increase the Bureau’s financial and administrative independence from the Government; prepare for the implementation of the Twinning Project “Strengthening the Capacities of the Audit Bureau of Jordan” developed with earlier SIGMA support and to be launched during the second half of 2013.  The Twinning will support the Audit Bureau in further developing towards an independent and effective supreme audit institution that works in line with international standards.

Key partner: Audit Bureau

Ministry of Finance

SIGMA has been working with Jordan’s Ministry of Finance on the development of the internal control and internal audit systems since 2011. Following assistance on the development of the legal and methodological framework, SIGMA is now working with the Ministry on developing the capacities of the internal control units in line ministries and line budget users to ensure that they understand the framework and concepts, and on raising senior management support for the process. SIGMA is also supporting the Ministry of Finance steer the new system and ensure compliance with it by line ministries.

Key partner: Ministry of Finance


For further information on SIGMA activities in Jordan, please contact Brian Finn, Country Co-ordinator, or Armelle Dutruc, Project Co-ordinator.

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