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In the scope of the EU's European Neighbourhood Policy, SIGMA has been working with Georgia since 2008 on civil service reform and has provided support to the Chancellery of the Government, the Parliament, the Civil Service Bureau, and the Ministry of Finance. In 2013, SIGMA is working with the Chancellery of the Government on (1) reviewing and improving civil service legislation and (2) assessing the Chancellery’s functions and developing its administrative capacities.

Review of civil service legislation

To support the comprehensive civil service reform foreseen by the Government Programme 2012-2016, SIGMA is reviewing the current civil service legal framework based on the European Principles of Public Administration and good practices in EU Member States. The findings and recommendations of the review, conducted in part through interviews and focus groups, will be discussed with the authorities responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of the legislation.

Assessment of  the functions of the Government Chancellery and development of its administrative capacities

SIGMA is conducting an assessment of the functions of the Chancellery of the Government in light of the redistribution of powers between the President, the Parliament and the Government following the constitutional reform of 2010 that will come into force in October 2013. The findings of the review will be supplemented with a set of recommendations for developing the Chancellery’s policy making and policy co-ordination capacities, improving the organisation of the Government’s work, and ensuring the complementarity of the functions of all centre of government institutions, including the Ministry of Finance and the Office of the State Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

These activities support the Government Programme of Georgia for 2012-2016 and the EU-Georgia Association Agreement currently in the final phase of negotiations.

Key partner: Government Chancellery


For further information on SIGMA activities in Georgia, please contact Airi Alakivi, Country Co-ordinator, or Ilana Demal, Project Co-ordinator.

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