SIGMA and Croatia


Croatia joined the EU on 1 July 2013. SIGMA started working with Croatia in 2001 and will continue to provide support on post-accession issues until 2015. Currently, SIGMA is supporting Croatia in the following areas:

  • Civil service legislation and administrative legal framework (key partner: Ministry of Public Administration)

  • Financial control (key partner: Ministry of Finance)

  • Legislative drafting (key partner: Government Legislation Office)

Between 2001 and 2013, SIGMA provided support to Croatia on a large number of key areas for accession.


Civil Service and Administrative Law

SIGMA has helped Croatia to prepare a number of key pieces of civil service and administrative framework legislation, including the:

  • 2007 Law on Civil Service and several important by-laws to implement it

  • 2008 Law on Salaries of Civil Servants

  • 2008 Law on Elections for the European Parliament

  • 2009 Law on General Administrative Procedures

  • 2010 Law on Administrative Disputes

  • 2011 Law on Financing Political Parties and Electoral Campaigns

  • 2011 Law on the Prevention of Conflict of Interest in the Exercise of Public Office

  • 2013 Law on the Right to Access Information

SIGMA also helped Croatia prepare a number of key strategic documents, including the State Administration Reform Strategy 2008-2011, the Civil Service Resources Development Strategy 2010-2013 and documents for the management of Structural Funds to be allocated to administrative capacity development (ongoing work).

Finally, SIGMA provided support in the preparation of the Code of Ethics of Civil Servants (2006) and drafted studies for the development of performance appraisal systems (2009) and the control of asset declarations (2011).


Financial Control

SIGMA started working with Croatia’s Ministry of Finance in 2003 and has supported it on a wide range of issues. Through this long standing partnership, SIGMA has in particular helped the Ministry to:

  • reform the Treasury (2005-2006);

  • improve the public debt management system (2007);

  • develop the system for Public Internal Financial Control, and in particular Financial Management Control (2008-2012);

  • draft a National Anti-Fraud Strategy (2009-2010);

  • prepare itself to manage and audit grant schemes financed from EU Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund (2011-2012).

Other issues on which SIGMA has provided assistance to Ministry of Finance include internal audit, capital budgeting and budget supervision.

SIGMA also played an important role in the development of external audit through early support to the State Audit Office (2002-2003).


Public Procurement, Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions

SIGMA helped Croatia prepare a number of key pieces of legislation, including:

  • the 2003, 2009, 2011 Public Procurement Laws

  • the 2009 Law on Public-Private Partnerships

  • the 2009 and 2012 Concessions Laws

  • the 2003 and 2012 Laws on State Commission for the Supervision of Public Procurement Procedures

SIGMA also supported Croatia in setting up the State Commission for the Supervision of Public Procurement Procedures (2003), the Agency for Public-Private Partnerships (2008), the Central Procurement Office (2010) and the Ministry of Economy’s Directorate for Public Procurement (2008).


Policy Making and Regulatory Management

In the area of policy making, SIGMA has been providing support to the Government Legislation Office since 2011 on developing legislative drafting capacities with the aim of (1) increasing awareness of the different approaches to legislative drafting; (2) facilitating the development of a policy on legislative quality; and, ultimately, (3) improving the quality of legislation.


For further information on SIGMA activities in Croatia please contact Piotr-Nils Gorecki, Country Co-ordinator, or Maggie Redmond, Project Co-ordinator.


Publications and Documents

  • Assessment Reports

SIGMA's annual Assessments review the progress made by EU Candidates and Potential Candidates in public administration reform. These Assessments feed into the EC's annual Progress Reports and its programming of technical assistance. They also aim to provide countries with inputs into their own reform activities.

Assessment reports prepared for Croatia are available here.

  •  Other Reports

 Public Management Profile for Croatia, SIGMA 2003

  • Translations of SIGMA Publications into Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian

SIGMA and the OECD as copyright holders cannot take responsibility for the quality of translations of SIGMA publications. For questions on using SIGMA copyrighted material or to request permission to translate a SIGMA publication, please contact the OECD Publications' Rights Unit.


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