SIGMA and Bosnia and Herzegovina


SIGMA works with Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) within the EU's overall policy framework for the Western Balkans, the Stabilisation and Association Process (SAP). SIGMA currently supports BiH, a  potential EU candidate, in the following areas:

Legal Framework and Civil Service Management: Public Administration Reform Co-ordinator’s Office, Civil Service Agencies, Ministries of Public Administration and Ministries of Justice of FBiH and RS, Government of Brcko District

Civil Service Reform

SIGMA has been providing support on civil service reform to all of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s administrative levels (state, Federation of BiH, Republika Srpska, Brčko District). In particular, SIGMA has worked simultaneously with all four levels on designing and implementing better civil service management tools. The evaluation conducted has brought to light specific challenges for each level but also common areas for development, and a set of conclusions and next steps have been agreed with BiH's Public Administration Reform Co-ordinator's Office. SIGMA has also provided advice to the Government of FBiH on its new civil service legal framework (Law on Civil Servants and State Employees and Law on Model Cantonal Law of the Civil Service).

Key partners: Civil Service Agency of BiH, Civil Service Agency of the FBiH, Civil Service Agency of RS, Government of the Brčko District, Ministry of Justice of FBiH, BiH's Public Administration Reform Co-ordinator's Office

Public Administration Legislation in Brčko District

SIGMA started providing advice to the Government of the Brčko District on a set of three public administration laws in July 2012, with the aim of better aligning them with European standards and practices and making them more coherent with public administration laws in other administrative levels of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Law on Amendments to the Law on Government has now been adopted by the Brčko District Assembly and SIGMA is currently helping the Government finalise the Law on Public Administration and the Law on the Civil Service.

Key partner: Government of the Brčko District


For further information on SIGMA activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, please contact Ulrika Klingenstierna, Country Co-ordinator, or Deborah Merran, Project Co-ordinator.

Publications and Documents

  • Assessment Reports

SIGMA's annual Assessments review the progress made by EU Candidates and Potential Candidates in public administration reform. These Assessments feed into the EC's annual Progress Reports and its programming of technical assistance. They also aim to provide countries with inputs into their own reform activities.

Assessment reports prepared for BiH are available here.

  • Other Reports

Public Management Profile BiH - Federation, SIGMA 2004

Public Management Profile BiH -State Level, SIGMA 2004

  • Translations of SIGMA Publications into Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian

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