SIGMA and Armenia


SIGMA has been working with countries covered by the EU's European Neighbourhood Policy since June 2008. SIGMA currently supports Armenia, a beneficiary country since October 2008, in the following areas:

Public Administration and Civil Service Reform

SIGMA has been supporting Armenia on the development of its civil service system since 2009. Following an assessment of the civil service system it carried out in 2010, SIGMA is now supporting the Civil Service Council on the preparation of a policy paper. The aim of this paper is to enlarge the debate on the main principles, directions and methodology for the reform, in order to create the necessary conditions for the system’s transformation towards a fully professional, merit-based civil service in line with European principles and good practices.

Key partner: Civil Service Council

Ethics Commission for High-Ranking Public Officials

Armenia’s new Law on the Public Service, which came into force in January 2012, established an Ethics Commission for High-Ranking Public Officials. SIGMA is currently assisting the Commission in clarifying its role, strengthening its institutionalisation, and developing the relationships it needs to be fully effective. SIGMA has conducted an assessment of the Commission and will now help the Commission prepare a short and medium term strategy.

Key partner:  Ethics Commission for High-Ranking Public Officials

Public Procurement

SIGMA has been provding assistance to Armenia on public procurement reform since 2008 and is currently supporting the implementation of a Public Procurement Law prepared with SIGMA assistance and adopted in December 2010. SIGMA’s support includes assistance to the Ministry of Finance on drafting secondary legislation and on preparing a concept paper for the design and implementation of a new system for monitoring and controlling procurement procedures. SIGMA is also delivering training to the newly established Procurement Review Body in a number of areas (including contract award criteria, tender evaluation processes and technical specifications).

Key partners: Ministry of Finance, Procurement Review Body


For further information on SIGMA activities in Armenia, please contact Piotr-Nils Gorecki, Country Co-ordinator, or Annes McGoogan, Project Co-ordinator.

Publications and Documents

  • European Neighbourhood Policy Reference Documents

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