SIGMA and Albania


SIGMA works with Albania within the EU's overall policy framework for the Western Balkans, the Stabilisation and Association Process (SAP). SIGMA currently supports Albania, a potential EU candidate, in the following areas:

  • Legal Framework and Civil Service Management: Ministry of the Interior (Department of Public Administration)
  • Public Finance Management: State Supreme Audit, Ministry of Finance (Central Harmonisation Unit for Internal Audit, Central Harmonisation for Management Control)
  • Public Procurement: Public Procurement Commission, Public Procurement Advocate, Ministry of the Interior (Central Buying Organisation)


Further information on SIGMA’s current projects in Albania will be made available shortly. Please also contact Piotr-Nils Gorecki, Country Co-ordinator, or Valérie Forges, Project Co-ordinator.

Publications and Documents

  • Assessment Reports

SIGMA's annual Assessments review the progress made by EU Candidates and Potential Candidates in public administration reform. These Assessments feed into the EC's annual Progress Reports and its programming of technical assistance. They also aim to provide countries with inputs into their own reform activities.

Assessment reports prepared for Albania are available here.

  • Other Reports

Public Management Profile of Albania, SIGMA 2003

Centre of Government ProfileFrench, SIGMA 1998

  • Translations of SIGMA Publications into Albanian

SIGMA and the OECD as copyright holders cannot take responsibility for the quality of translations of SIGMA publications. For questions on using SIGMA copyrighted material or to request permission to translate a SIGMA publication, please contact the OECD Publications' Rights Unit.


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