SIGMA ministerial conference: talk 1


How to make citizen engagement part of governance reforms?


The emergence of new waves of social movements and citizen mobilisation, empowered by technology, creates new opportunities for dialogue with citizens. How can governments keep up with these changes and make new forms of citizen engagement work for their society?

The talk was given by

Alberto Alemanno, Founder and Director, The Good Lobby (NGO);Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law, HEC/NYU

Mr Alemanno is an academic, citizen lobbyist and civic entrepreneur. He is a Founder and the Director of a civic start-up, The Good Lobby, connecting academics and professionals to non-profit organisations in order to make their voice heard. He is Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Law and Regulation, as well as the scientific director of the EU Public Interest Law Clinic established by HEC Paris and New York University School of Law.


Session moderator

Alastair Swarbrick, Senior Adviser, SIGMA, OECD



Oleksandr Saienko, Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Damjan Manchevski, Minister of Information Society and Administration of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Belkacem Bouchemal, Director General, General Directorate in charge of Public Administration and Administrative Reform of Algeria

Vusal Gasimly, Executive Director, Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication under the President of Azerbaijan Republic

 Main messages

SIGMA has summarised below the main messages of this session, based on the speeches and discussions that took place.

  • We tend to limit ourselves to one role, be it as an academic, activist or public servant, and we often act as spectators. In order to take part more actively, let’s start by participating in elections. Between elections, we can also participate in political debate, and we do not need to become politicians to do so.

  • Policy making is becoming more and more a bottom-up affair. Participatory policy has become a complementary part of the election process.

  • Governments are making efforts to be more transparent, to consult, but lack the capacity and skills to explain their choices in order for a majority of stakeholders to feel they are being heard.




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