SIGMA ministerial conference: closing session






Bernard Brunet, Head of Unit, Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations, EC


Karen Hill, Head of the SIGMA Programme

 Main messages

SIGMA has summarised below the main messages of this session, based on the speeches that were given.

Governments tend to ignore PAR at their peril. We need to find more short-term benefits for governance reforms. PAR is not just for governments: all citizens and other stakeholders are affected and everyone needs to be involved. PAR is a priority in both internal and external EU policy, and the EC is committed to continuing the partnership with the OECD and SIGMA. 

While celebrating SIGMA’s 25 year anniversary, this conference was also about looking towards the future. Although we need to recognise progress, we can always do better and further improve public governance. Ministers of finance and ministers responsible for public administration have been part of these discussions. These two ministries need to lead by example in reducing the divisions between ministries, to achieve the best possible standards for an effective and innovative public administration. SIGMA will continue its core activities, which are to advise and support our reform‑oriented partners, to analyse and assess the state of play, and to produce relevant regional and subject studies on key topics.






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