High-level policy dialogue on public administration reform in the Western Balkans



On 1 October 2019, a ministerial conference (high-level policy dialogue) on public administration reform (PAR) in the Western Balkans took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The conference was organised by ReSPA (Regional School of Public Administration) and hosted by the Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration. The European Commission confirmed that the fundamental role of PAR remains at the core of the EU accession process for the new Commission. The focus will be on implementation of enacted legislation, mainstreaming PAR and connecting it with sectoral reforms, strengthening administrative capacity, including local governance in PAR, and involving civil society in the reform processes.


Ministerial discussions reflected the dynamic developments in PAR in the region. They also confirmed that tangible results have been achieved in recent years (for example, increased satisfaction of citizens and businesses with administrative services) and that governments share common challenges (such as recruitment and development of top management in the civil service).


SIGMA expressed readiness to continue its strategic and long-term presence in the region. The Head of SIGMA emphasised that political commitment is key to the effectiveness of PAR. He announced that a ministerial conference will be organised by OECD/SIGMA next spring, which will focus on the dissemination of the Western Balkans Government at a Glance publication. Countries of the EU Neighbourhood East will also be invited, and a Best Practice Award competition for the EU Enlargement and neighbourhood regions will be launched, in close co-operation with ReSPA. PAR is a long-term process in which we often overestimate what can be done in two years and underestimate what can be done in ten years.

 SIGMA invited to a high level policy dialogue event in Llubjana 1 Oct 2019



SIGMA invited to a high level policy dialogue Llubjana 1 Oct 2019 ‌


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